Thank you for…

Thank you.  Two simple words. Vastly improved if you make them three by adding the word “for…”

Thank you for helping out on that big project, your idea saved us so much time.”

Thank you for all your hard work this year, I really appreciate it.  It’s great that that I can rely on you producing quality work.”

Thank you for helping me out yesterday with the shopping when my car was broken. I was wondering how I was going to get to and from the shops.”

With the end of the year fast approaching our thoughts often turn to what has happened over the year. Who has helped us when we needed a friend. Who has gone the extra mile; at work or at home. Who has made life a little bit easier. Who do we need to thank.

“Thank you” is good, but “Thank you for…” is better.

When you thank someone for something specific, it means so much to them. It shows that you have thought about what you are grateful for and taken the time to express it. “Thank you” is good, but “Thank you for…” is better.

Think about how you have felt in the past when someone has thanked you for work you have done, for helping them at home, school or work, for asking if they were OK at just the right time. It felt great!

I used to say “thank you” a lot; too often in fact. A too-frequent and simple “thank you” loses its effect over time.  I learned however, that a frequent, simple “thank you” coupled with the occasional thoughtful “Thank you for…” – with the addition of the effect of their action – made my thank yous powerful, desired and appreciated.

When I think back over my life, the people who make me smile when I think of them are the people who expressed their gratitude with a reason. I knew that I had made a positive contribution and that my efforts were appreciated. Often, the thanks were for little things but they made me want to do the big things.  Gratitude really does help to make the spirit willing and the effort increase.

When my children thank me for just being their mum and doing mum things, my patience with their idiosyncrasies increases.

When my friends thank me for an act of friendship, it strengthens the bond between us.

When clients thank me for my work, I have an extra spring in my step and I often come up with better ideas.

“Thank you for…” Three simple words. So much more powerful than two.

Who do you need to thank?

Don’t wait until tomorrow, thank them today. Just remember to tell them why.